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Balance and evolve business with CORE success strategies

We help businesses implement sustainable change by using the holistic system of The Balancing Act to assess where they are in balance versus out of balance—and why. With this new clarity, companies can use our pragmatic tools and logical, agile strategy to ensure that employees, leaders, teams, and departments implement self-directed improvements over time.

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  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Mastery

  • Team development

  • Organizational Change implementation

  • Employee Effectiveness

Contact us to get more information about powerfully transforming your company from the CORE. We offer one-on-one executive coaching, leadership consultations, plus excellent business seminars that are guaranteed to increase productivity, reduce on-the-job stress, eliminate resistance and procrastination for tackling difficult tasks, and encourage every person, at every level of the company, to take full responsibility for outcomes.

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  • C: Want to Create Change that is systemic, holistic, self-directed, centered in CORE values, and integrated/aligned from the inside-out
  • O: Make Changes Organic: That is, a transformation that is natural, easy-to-understand, and based on principles that have historically proven effective for individuals, leaders, teams & organizations
  • R: Reduce Noise (distractions from inside & outside), conflict, stress, second-guessing, wasted effort, long-standing obstacles & avoidable self-sabotage.
  • E: And to do so with Ease: The Balancing Act moves organizations, teams, and leaders from unease or disease into lasting Ease, Flow, Synergy--and sets the direction of an upward evolutionary spiral.

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Leader Strengths Scale

To improve your leadership skills in these challenging times, take the Leadership Strengths Scale to discover your personal AND professional strengths and weaknesses among 6 key success factors. You'll also receive practical tips for rapid improvement.

Organization & Team Profiles

Assess where your business or teams are in balance or out-of-balance--why--and what you can do to implement sustainable improvements.

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