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What do you want to change about your life or work? Why is that important to you? When can you act? How can you become the great person you've always wanted to be?

Get an expert partner to guide you through difficult transitions & remove obstacles so you can transform yourself into a powerful leader of every part of your life, work & relationships.

For Free:

  • Assessment of your greatest strength and liability;

  • Career Compass Report;

  • SOS: Switch Off Stress app.

Take a Premium Profile for a comprehensive report on your strengths and weaknesses (plus specific ways to improve them). Check out our excellent programs: Productivity, Stress, Prospering, and Leading Your Life and Work seminar or 3-month implementation program. Or click the message link to ask questions or explore how One-on-One CORE Coaching could change your life, work & relationships, now and forever.

For career & life coaches: We can certify you to enrich your clients with The Balancing Act's holistic processes, programs and diagnostic profiles.

About the service provided

Get a Free Leader Compass Report!

Schedule a time with us if you:

  • Feel Stuck, anxious, frustrated, bored; lack direction; job is poor fit.
  • Lack Clarity. Don't see better options (or how to get there).
  • Feel Unmotivated. Change seems too hard; why try?
  • Are not sure who can help - and feel reluctant to ask for favors.
  • Don't have enough money to meet your needs &/or desires.
  • Are a Career or Life Coach whose clients say yes to these questions.

Premium Reports

For invaluable in-depth knowledge

Career Strengths Scale

If you're thinking about changing your career, take this Individualized Career Strengths Report to discover your strengths and weaknesses in 6 key success factors--and get practical suggestions for how to quickly improve each one.

Personal Strengths Scale

If you’re in a stressful life transition, take this Individualized Personal Strengths Scale to discover your strengths and weaknesses in 6 key life-success factors. You'll also get practical suggestions for how to improve each one.

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