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Core Coaching & Consulting, LLC and our sister organization, Core Learning Services, Inc, have joined forces to create the global CORE Community where you can further develop your own Balancing Act skills, meet like-minded colleagues, AND support the non-profit Core Learning Services to bring The Balancing Act programs to teachers and at-risk youth all over the world.

You can participate in the CORE community at any level: attend our FREE monthly events, be the first to access our resources as soon as we develop them, and "pay it forward" by bringing the superpower of Balance to the lives of the next generation.

Go here to learn more about our exciting new global CORE COMMUNITY.

To learn more about Core Learning Services and its proven programs that have changed the lives of at-risk youth and their beleaguered teachers, go here.

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...want to learn more about the benefits of the Core Community, including:

  • Free Monthly events to continue learning about The Balancing Act
  • Alerts when exciting new material and resources are created by our team members
  • Archives of past videos and articles that you can access whenever you wish
  • Discussion forums where you can meet with like-minded professionals from around the world
  • And if you want to share what The Balancing Act did for you, we offer you the opportunity to "pay it forward" so children around the world can gain these tools to create great lives.

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If you’re in a stressful life transition, take this Individualized Personal Strengths Scale to discover your strengths and weaknesses in 6 key life-success factors. You'll also get practical suggestions for how to improve each one.

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Contribute to the efforts of Core Community, a 501 c3 non-profit educational services organization, to bring The Balancing Act's transformational life/work skills training to at-risk youth and adults around the globe.

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