November 11, 2022

The Superpower of Balanced leadership

Supercharge Your Leadership by Mastering 6 Different Powers


$1900 (USD)

The Superpower of Balanced leadership

Supercharge Your Leadership by Mastering 6 Different Powers

This is an invitation-only leadership program with 3 different levels of participation.

TThe premium program includes three 90 min group meetings per month, the Leadership Strengths Scale, and a strategy that is crafted just for you.

The premium plus program includes one 1:1 business coaching session per month, plus the above

The Elite business program includes two 1:1 busines coacing sessions per month, plus the above.

To see whichwsuits your needs, please schedule a 1:1 Clarity session at

Benefits You will receive from this unique Leadership Program:

  • Learn and understand how to apply The Balancing Act’s systemic framework for leadership, a powerful 6-step pragmatic change process, for both your business and personal uses.

  • Master 6 distinct kinds of leadership capacities with 6 natural kinds of intelligence, and learn how to use each one of them when it is an appropriate situation.

  • Assess your current strengths and areas needing improvement and develop specific goals to bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Recognize balance and imbalance in yourself and others, and be able to shift from unease and disease to greater ease and effective behaviors

  • Learn how to reduce resistance since in the TBA system, each step builds on the last one.

  • By the end of this program, you will “Be the change you want to see”; you will have shifted your consciousness so you can solve the problems you’ve inherited and any you’ve helped to create.

We ensure a High-value ROI for you: This leadership program is carefully designed for optimal learning and usefulness. It ensures the pragmatic application in the workplace of exciting learning over a 4-month period. The program mixes peer-group learning in 8 sessions + 3 one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions to tailor the program to your needs + 2 proprietary assessments to determine your individual leadership strengths and vulnerabilities + a follow-up bonus trouble-shooting session + just-in-time coaching for problems as they arise.

This Leadership Approach provides you with a new paradigm and powerful tools to navigate these challenging times: This program is designed for you if you are interested in becoming one of the “New Generation of Leaders” who have a strength of spirit, a deep sense of meaning, and purpose. Leaders who are willing to do their ongoing inner work and enjoy learning and growing. Leaders that believe that wherever they stand is the hub of their power and responsibility, that will help them navigate changing circumstances with a strong internal moral compass. Ultimately leaders who are individuals at their best, who also wish to more effectively serve others.

What others have said about their experiences with The Balancing Act's leadership approach:

This is a Revolutionary approach. There's nothing like it I've seen anywhere else. I'm still getting value, one year later, from the program I took.

The coaches and facilitators are both challenging and compassionate. They combined inspiration with a no-excuses teaching style that made sure I got quick and lasting results.

I have had many coaches over the years, but no one has kept my interest, built my confidence, and made sure I continued to grow as a leader as Sharon has. And I have the promotions to prove it!

Auke is a unique leadership coach. I have engaged him for years and he has not only brought me but also my whole company through tough times.

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