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Sharon has a remarkable ability to manage difficult entrepreneurs with ease and humor, keeping them on track to deliver tangible results. She has a gift for quickly identifying exactly how leaders get in their own way AND helping them remove obstacles to success.

— Randall Reade, Senior VP, Washington DC Archangels

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The Superpower of Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

The Superpower of Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

6 Powers that will Transform you into the Whole Leader People Fearlessly Follow through Good Times and Bad

This book is much more than the words on its pages: it is an introduction to a new way of thinking about leadership, one that will provide you with increased meaning, hope, and a wider range of power. It is a logical, easy-to-follow, proven strategy—a road map you can use forever. In includes an invitation to a global community that will support you in becoming the confident leader people trust to bring them safely through our currently unpredictable times. It is a gateway to a wealth of continually growing free resources. And lastly, this little but powerful book contains our fervent hope for your complete success, our desire that you become the whole leader and good person we believe is your true nature…and who the world needs now, more than ever. The expertise in this book is priceless. It will save you countless days, even months, of trial and error because we are passing on to you a treasure-trove of breakthrough knowledge we have gleaned from decades of hard-won, first-hand experience. Our goal is to keep you from going off track by pointing out common errors and specific ways you can avoid them. The road map outlined here is easy to follow, with color-coded icons serving as road signs at each step on the path. Balanced Leadership is both pragmatic and philosophical. You will become a more effective leader in your current role while simultaneously expanding your thinking about what the best leadership practices will be in our post-pandemic era. With the exciting new paradigm of balanced leadership, you will always have as your guide The Balancing Act’s logical, elegantly simple, unifying strategy rather than just an assortment of good tactics. (In fact, you can better leverage the good tools you already have within the holistic, unifying strategy we offer here.) Let me suggest that you use this book to jumpstart your new leadership journey today (for less than it cost you for this morning’s coffee and breakfast bar). Doing so will ensure that you arrive sooner rather than later at your destination of being the superpowered leader and truly great human being you have long wanted to be. Balanced Leadership will also help you clarify YOUR own way of leading so you can confidently tap into your own unique gifts, become more comfortable in your own skin, trust your instincts, expand your capabilities, and enthusiastically learn what you need from us and many other experts to whom we will refer you. Indeed, if you dive into the instructions in this book, it will be as if you are receiving individual coaching from its author, Sharon Seivert (who charges up to a thousand times the price of this book for her coaching packages). What’s more, this book offers you a warm invitation to the global CORE Community where you can have real-time, inspiring, and caring conversations with the author and our international colleagues. We would be thrilled to have you join us. The book will steer you away from common leadership errors and keep you from becoming discouraged as you face one problem after another. As you increase your understanding of, and comfort with, this new way of leading, you will steadily build your resilience, confidence, and even your day-to-day ease. We know that, as a leader, you are already used to handling challenging problems, and that you probably already do that quite well. It’s just that, we are offering you this book, so that these daily tasks become a lot easier for you. In Balanced Leadership, you will receive a complete toolkit of six different powers you can use through good times and bad…times when you need to repair damage and re-stabilize so things are in a better place…and times when you could proactively grow yourself, your team, and your whole system to the next level of evolution. As you align these 6 different powers, you will transform yourself into a superpowered whole leader who can more comprehensively resolve complex and confusing issues, especially now, in these unbalanced times. Indeed, this book will show you how to seize the opportunity this in-between time offers so you can transform what could be the worst of times into the best of times.


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