January 28, 2023

Supercharge Your Life, Work, & Relationships

Get Unstuck! Be Energized! Become the Leader of Your Life


$97 (USD)

Supercharge Your Life, Work, & Relationships

Get Unstuck! Be Energized! Become the Leader of Your Life

This is an ongoing program where you will join like-minded people to blast through barriers and create the life, work, and relationships you want. We meet 3 times every month to solve pressing problems, break down barriers, and design and then implement real-life projects that will make a major difference for you.

Because this is a select membership program, and we want to make sure it is right for you and for the group you will be joining, please schedule a time to meet with the instructors, Sharon Seivert or Bonnie Koch so we can all be certain that this is the right program to meet your needs. Go to calendly.com

In this updated version of our most popular program, you will gain the following results. 


  • Self-doubt; lack of confidence; insecurity; fear; high stress; unhappiness

  • Looping thoughts; worries; difficulty thinking clearly despite white noise, distractions, emergencies

  • Burnout from too many priorities/things to do; indecisiveness; procrastination; inability to act

  • Frequent emotional ups and downs; relationship & communication issues that get in the way

  • Lack of productivity; wasting time & resources; bad habits; difficulty following-through

  • Working too hard for results; life is pulling you in different directions


  • Strong purpose, internal stability; increased confidence, meaning, intuition, happiness

  • Clarified vision, mastery of mind, ability to control thoughts, more creative thinking

  • Clear direction, priorities, actions; agile strategy you can use in any part of life or work

  • Improved relationships, communication, mastery of your own emotions/feelings

  • More effective habits, upgraded skills, better outcomes from steady followup

  • Increased ease in all parts of life; better luck; optimized environment

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