January 14, 2023

Event Ended

Supercharge Your Leadership

Master The Superpower of Balanced Leadership


$20 (USD)

Supercharge Your Leadership

Master The Superpower of Balanced Leadership

Welcome to The Superpower of Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

• Master the 6 powers of Balanced Leadership • See why these powers can solve your problems • Get better results, starting today, by learning “What’s In It For Me?”

If you'd like to learn more about all the powers you could gain from mastering Balanced Leadership, please schedule a Clarity and Strategy session by clicking here

During that one-hour conversation, you will: • Clarify your leadership goals and challenges • Receive 2-3 expert recommendations about how to break through your challenges • Gain perspectives that will help you solve old problems in new ways.


During this ongoing, weekly program, you will develop:

• Increased leadership confidence, purpose, internal stability, intuition, & reduced burn-out • Mastery of a new mindset: Clarified vision, ability to control thoughts, creative thinking • Strategic direction, clear priorities, and an agile action plan that gets faster and better results • Control of your emotions & thoughts so you improve relationships, communication, loyalty • Improved skillset with more effective habits and better outcomes from steady follow-up • Gain ease; leverage opportunities systemically into better luck & optimizing environment

The Supercharge your Leadership program includes: • Intensive jumpstart session to start mastering the 6 powers of Balanced Leadership • Leadership Strengths Scale Report (shows strengths & weaknesses) • 1:1 private onboarding session • Three group sessions per month to develop your own superpowers: 1) Increasing all your leadership powers - Removing obstacles

  • Making your teams & organizations more successful - Option of more 1:1 coaching sessions per month Books, videos, and many other benefits.

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