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Teachers, Students and Parents: Use The Balancing Act's holistic, systemic learning methodology and pragmatic tools to meet the extraordinary challenges of this topsy-turvy world where Teachers have become front-line workers, Parents are now at-home teachers, and Students are struggling to continue learning.

For Free:

  • Assessment of your greatest strength and liability;

  • Special Learning Report;

  • SOS: Switch Off Stress app.

Go here to learn more about Core Learning's many excellent programs. Contact us to get more information or take a Premium Profile to get a full report on your personal strengths and weaknesses. Attend one of our excellent seminars: Productivity, Stress, Prospering, a Leading Your Life & Work seminar or the 3-month implementation program. And please donate (below) so we can bring TBA programs to at-risk youth around the world.

Become a Certified Teacher who enriches students with TBA programs such as The Compass Course. Send us a message to find out more.

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Schedule a time with us if you:

  • Want to help your students overcome anxiety, frustration, feeling stuck.
  • Increase their clarity to create a bright future.
  • Help them become more motivated to breakthrough obstacles.
  • Make it easier for them to ask for help and form healthy relationships.
  • Show them how to form new habits to improve health, learning, finances.
  • Guide them create a happy life by giving their native gifts to the world.

Premium Reports

For invaluable in-depth knowledge

Personal Strengths Scale

If you’re in a stressful life transition, take this Individualized Personal Strengths Scale to discover your strengths and weaknesses in 6 key life-success factors. You'll also get practical suggestions for how to improve each one.

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Contribute to the efforts of Core Learning, a 501 c3 non-profit educational services organization, to bring The Balancing Act's transformational life/work skills training to at-risk youth and adults around the globe.

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